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Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga

This class combines gentle movements with breath. Gentle Yoga is perfect for beginners as well as people with specific limitations and those recovering from injury. More experienced students who enjoy a slower paced class also enjoy Gentle Yoga.



A multi-level strength based practice beginning with an easy warm up, sun salutations, and a series of poses including balances and inversions, designed to work the body to the core, helping to loosen the joints, and get the blood flowing. There will always be modifications, so you can work at the level best suited for you a joyful stimulating experience. Good for Most Levels.


Power Yoga

Is a strong, vigorous Vinyasa (Flow) practice that combines breath with the continuous flow of postures that creates a high-heat, high-energy workout. This class is designed to sculpt your body, build strength and improve flexibility. The class will inspire you to tap into your deepest potential and reveal your optimum fitness. Recommended for those who seek a challenging physical workout as a vehicle for mental and spiritual development. Be prepared to sweat!