Weight Loss Coaching

At Fit Fiesta we provide monthly challenge groups designed for you to have the success you deserve without giving up! We assure success by following and structure and supportive method. 


To help people lose weight, weight-loss challenge coaches have a hand in designing a nutrition and fitness program that will work for the participants involved. The planning portion of a coach’s job may include developing menus, creating a group exercise plan and working on solutions to help clients solve the logistical problems that may stand in the way of success — more formally called behavior modification. Coaches also have to plan the logistics of group meetings and provide participants with ongoing information about the challenge.


Throughout the program, weight-loss challenge coaches also have to do the actual job of coaching. That means helping participants set goals and helping them monitor their progress. When participants are not meeting their goals, coaches need to be able to “light the fire” to get participants motivated again — or to help participants make adjustments so their goals remain realistic. Coaches are often former weight-loss challenge participants, so they may also participate in workouts alongside everyone else.

Moral Support

Throughout it all, weight-loss challenge coaches provide the inspiration and moral support that can help participants succeed. This is a soft skill that can’t necessarily be taught in certification coursework or in a classroom. Successful coaches may have a special instinct that tells them when they need to have a personal conversation with a program participant. They may also be instinctively aware of when it’s OK to push a participant harder and when it’s more appropriate to back off. It’s a delicate dance of encouraging participants to be successful, while at the same time not pushing so hard that participants burn out or give up.


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