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    February Spotlight

    Shonee Stokes My fitness journey began at the end of last year when I took the last two weeks off of the year and sat down and had a real conversation with myself. I tell my children often that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.” […]
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    Fit Fiesta Signature Workout

    This 27 day program of pure fitness and fun will change your life! My Fusion workout combines boot camp, dance and plyometrics moves that make you leave in puddles of sweat! Fit Fiesta Signature workout is only 30  minutes long but it will be worth your time. You will never be bored but will always […]
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  • Hello!! Do you believe your dream can come true??

    Fit Fiesta is a dream come true! I had a vision even tho this place  doesn’t like like anything when I first found it 2 years ago!! I wanted to build a community of people helping people and little by little I have been finding those special people that want to be part of a […]
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